Optical Network Test

Optical Network Test Solution

With the popularization of optical networks and the large-scale construction of FTTH, there are more and more application scenarios for optical communication. It is known that there are many advantages for fiber optic access technology,but the performance of a complete fiber optic link does not only depend on the quality of optical fiber itself, but also depends on the quality of the fiber optic connectors, the construction process and the on-site environment.So the optical network test is very important. The main purpose of optical network test is to detect the connection quality of the optical link, reduce failure factors and find out the failure point of the optical fiber when optical network failure occurs.Brellet Telecom has launched a series of optical test equipments and has provided a complete solution for the test of optical network.

Optical link loss test

1. Use Light Source and Power Meter to measure the loss of the entire optical link. At one end of the optical fiber, Light Source transmits a fixed optical power and at the other end of of the optical fiber, Power Meter receives this optical power and then the optical link loss is judged by the difference in optical power between transmitting and receiving.


2. Use OTDR to test the loss of the entire optical link and the loss of movable joints and fusion points in the optical link.

Optical fiber fault location test

1. Use VFL to transmit the red light to visually judge the location of the fault point.

2. Use OTDR to locate the fault point and OTDR can display the location of the fault point on its image, so as to accurately locate the fault point.

Find the optical cable

Quickly find the target optical cable through the Optical Cable Identifier.

PON network test

PON Optical Power Meter is specially designed and developed for FTTH PON network. Its working method is to extract a very small part of the optical signal online at any position in the PON network and then PON Optical Power Meter can make a measurement and reliable verification during the stages of the entire FTTx service opening, maintenance and detection for the optical signal to meet the network communication requirements.