Data Center

Data Center Cabling Solution

With the rapid development of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, more than 70% of the network traffic in the future will be concentrated in the data center. So how to ensure high-speed, reliable and fast connection within the data center becomes a challenge.

As an important provider of the data center infrastructure, Brellet Telecom provides Data Center all-optical connection solutions for operators, cloud service providers and industry customers.

Adhering to Brellet Telecom’s 10 years of accumulated experiences on optical communications, Data Center Cabling solutions provide a system with end-to-end all-optical connection from backbone cable to the port level and support smooth and fast upgrade of data center from 10G to 100G and even higher as well as high-density and low-loss all-optical cabling connection, which can comprehensively improve the data interaction efficiency and reliability of the data center. Brellet Telecom also provides customized optical connection system solutions for different scenarios according to the needs to help customers to enhance their competitiveness in the new data era.